How to Swim at the Best Pool in St. George

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Imagine swimming in one of the best pools available, sliding down water slides, floating down a lazy river, soaking in your choice of spas, all while enjoying beautiful summer weather. Not only can this dream be your reality, but it’s open and available for your use at Arcadia Resort in St. George.

Located in Southern Utah, St. George enjoys over 300 days of sunshine every year, with many of those days exceeding averages over 77°. Many tourists flock to St. George during school breaks, sports tournaments, weekend getaways, and more. It is quickly becoming a hot spot for vacationers of all ages, no matter the time of year. If you have ever visited St. George, then you understand why.

You also know that no trip is complete without a dip or two in the pool. Many people would rather spend their days poolside than other attractions offered nearby. But what makes Arcadia the best pool in St. George, Utah? Is it the family-friendly attractions, accompanying amenities, one-of-a-kind design, or something else?

Let’s look at why many of our renters continually praise Arcadia as the best pool in St. George.

Built for Beating the Heat

With such a dry and sweltering desert climate closely resembling nearby Las Vegas, visitors to St. George need a spot to cool down and escape the heat. That’s why Arcadia teamed up with Water Design and Zwick Construction to create a top-rated pool for all Arcadia renters.

But this pool isn’t like every other pool in St. George. The Arcadia Resort swimming pool area features over 145,000 gallons of water between the pool, lazy river, two spas, 106′ lazy river, and can hold up to 300 people at a time. The pool is actually the most prominent outdoor pool in the area and has a collection of kid-friendly amenities that everyone in your family can enjoy.

A few of the defining features of the Arcadia Pool include:

  • Water Slide
  • Water Cannon
  • Beach-Entry Pool
  • Stream Jets
  • Four Under Water Bubblers
  • Two Waterfalls
  • Two Family Spas
  • Adult-Only Spas
  • Fill-and-Spill Water Dump Bucket


To top off the experience, you can also enjoy Arcadia’s one-of-a-kind faux rock design built to surround the pool area. The design include painted Petroglyph replicas inspired by real carvings found throughout Southern Utah. Many kids (and adults) could spend hours looking at the pool’s incredible design and uniquely-painted Petroglyphs.

Everything You Need for a Day at the Pool

If you want to spend a day at the Best Pool in St. George, Arcadia Resort has all you need. Along with the massive pool area supplied with a custom pool, lazy rivers, and spas, you can also spend time enjoying all nearby amenities. You can spend time visiting with friends and family on an assortment of lounge chairs.

This area also has several umbrellas so you can block the sun, as well as tables that you can use for eating or playing games. We recommend scoping out the perfect lounge chair, opening up an umbrella, bringing a great book, and indulging in some shaved ice for a perfectly relaxing St. George stay.

Not in the mood to swim? No problem! You can also go to the accompany, open grass area where you can play games like volleyball, spike ball, baseball, and corn hole toss. This outdoor area supports all kinds of activities. Arcadia also provides activity rentals, such as electric scooters, electric bikes, and packages for hiking excursions. You can find information on the rental packages here.

Float in the Pool’s Accompanying Lazy River

Arcadia Resort lazy river

Nothing is more relaxing than floating along a gentle current river while basking in the warm sun. Arcadia has one of the only lazy rivers in St. George that feature an impressive 106-foot long river. The lazy river isn’t too fast, either. It is a shallow circuit lazy river that makes it easy for all ages to enjoy. Arcadia also provides free pool floaties and innertubes, so that you can relax while experiencing its relaxation sensations. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending hours drifting down the lazy river.

Jump Off Arcadia’s 100-Foot-Long Waterslide

St. George Resort Water Slide

Nothing sounds as exciting as spending a day swimming and sliding down a waterslide. Arcadia waterslides are one of the defining features of the pool area. With its contrasting colors, this 100-foot-long waterslide arches over the lazy river, making it easy to jump in the pool or lazy river after sliding down. Whether you are 5 or 50, you can spend all day going down our waterslide. The Arcadia pool is available for all ages to enjoy with no height requirement needed. (However, we recommend that a parent accompany all children under the age of 5-years-old). The waterslide is one of the best features of the Arcadia Resort pool that past renters continue to rave about once they leave!

Enjoy Poolside Food and Beverages

If you get hungry, you can visit Arcadia’s poolside snack-shack stocked full of food guests can purchase all day long. Here you can order delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, fresh salads, soft-serve ice cream, refreshing shaved ice, specialty drinks, and snacks. You can bring in snacks and packed lunches to enjoy next to the pool, as well.

Visitors can also use grills located near the pool area for all your BBQ needs, making it perfect for any all-day excursion. There is also a fire pit available year-round where you can roast marshmallows for late-night treats or sit by while telling stories during St. George’s colder months.

Arcadia Pool Hours

Arcadia’s pool opening hours vary with each season, but the pool usually closes at 10 pm. These long pool hours are the perfect time for you to enjoy splashing around and taking refreshing dips throughout the day.

Our two spas are available year-round, including our family and adult-only hot tubs. Not only are our spas available all year, but the pool is also heated throughout the year to accommodate for the cooler temperatures during the winter months. However, the Arcadia Resort lazy river is only open March-December.

Stay Safe During Your Pool Visit

Arcadia also does its part helping keep guests safe. Make sure to bring your favorite pool toys, squirt guns, water bombs, and floaties, but we also provide pool toys for free! If you want to purchase your own, there is also a selection of pool accessories available for purchase in the Arcadia gift shop. However, we ask you to leave the water balloons at home.

To help keep you safe, we also ask visitors that they not jump off of rock cliffs into the pool for the safety of all our guests and those swimming. Adults should also accompany children whenever swimming in the pool or using the hot tubs, as there is no lifeguard on-duty during pool hours.

If you have any guests with special needs, you can also visit the Arcadia Resort pool. There is a variety of handicap accessible lifts available for use. We also closely monitor the health of the pool water is sanitized using chlorine and other regulation-safe chemicals.

You can also use pool and spa towels provided at the Arcadia clubhouse.

Booking Information and Tips

Although St. George usually boasts clear skies and warm temperatures all year long, most guests prefer to visit Arcadia during Spring and Summer. During these months, you can spend all day in the sun enjoying and discovering the beauty that is red rock deserts.

Summer months are usually the busiest, particularly during June-August. Other popular times include major holidays, specifically during Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day, or around school break dates. If you want to book your spot, we recommend booking as soon as possible, especially for holiday weekends and during our busy season. Recommend booking at other times is available 90 days out or more for most dates.

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